13 June 2016

Elevate Your Marriage - with Kathi Lipp

As I invite you along in my journey to learn more about marriage, there will be times that I will share amazing insights and wisdom from others that I stumble across. Since I'm constantly reading tons of articles, posts, research studies, etc, you get the added bonus of letting me do the heavy work of filtering through it all and sharing only the good stuff! And of course, please feel free to share what you are learning with me as well. Let's continue to help each other out, share information, and encourage one another in our marriages!

Earlier today I read an article from Proverbs 31 Ministries by Kathi Lipp that really impacted me. In "Looking for the Good in Your Man" Kathi asks, "Why is it so easy to hear criticism when love is intended?" I think this happens so easily and is more common than we realize. Once I am hurt, I filter any following statements or actions through that lens. Kathi lists three ways we can be intentional about looking for love from our husbands. Read more here and then come back to join the discussion!

One of my favorite quotes from that article is:
"Be a noticer of good things and call them out in your husband. A husband who feels respected and appreciated, just for being who he is, walks differently in the world." 
That is so true! I want my husband to feel respected and appreciated. One of the ways I intentionally look for love from my husband and acknowledge it out loud to him is through our weekly Marriage Monday talks. We both take turns answering the question, "How did you feel loved this past week?" It forces me to stop, reflect, and celebrate the good.

What are some ways that you can intentionally notice good things in your husband? How will you communicate it to him?

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  1. One thing that reminds me of the good in my husband is observing other people enjoy/appreciate him. I see him through fresh eyes, and I think- "That was really thoughtful of him to go out of his way," or "Wow- he's actually really hilarious!"


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